Valerie Allard teaching a figure drawing and anatomy workshop

Valerie Allard is an American artist whose work explores representation, identity, and community. Her painting and visual storytelling show her understanding of the evolution of the arts and its duty to reflect a people's experience and its times. From close study of Velazquez and Rembrandt to Helen Frankenthaler and Richard Diebenkorn, Valerie's own production shows the many influences from old masters to introspective detail and psychological state of her models.

She combines abstract visual acuity and the ability to capture people's appearances, impelling the viewer to care about her subjects. Allard's technical mastery reveals solid traditional training she acquired in the Florence Academy of Art and in the New York Academy of Art.

From movement in sculpture to facial expression, hers is an unending quest for art and its mission to provoke and inspire.

Valerie grew up in the Canary Islands, Egypt, Argentina, England, and the United States.

Valerie offers individual lessons in drawing, painting, portraiture, composition, and sequential storytelling.

Layered Emotion

Valerie's next workshop, Layered Emotion, is a multimedia collage workshop held online and in NYC on December 5, 2021. Participants will be introduced to various hand and digital collage techniques.